Vicrin (Pharmaceutical Application)


Vicrin is an advertiser that supports the natural and essential collaboration and exchange of scientific and medical information among academia, physicians and industry. This application provides a pharmaceutical E-commerce website for the clients who provide customized approach to medications. It is handling many stakeholders like Patients, Physicians, CCR, Representatives, Distributor, Pharmacy and Pharmacists. The process starts when a Patient visits the Physician and a prescription is written. The prescription is then sent to the Pharmacy for fulfillment. Application is also handling the prescription refill process. System alerts are generated when a refill is due. The Physician has the authority to approve or deny refill requests. Physician can also change or write a new prescription of refill. Integration of Shipping APIs (UPS, USPS, FedEx) and Interfax Fax API makes the system more robust. Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant web application has an Affiliate side, a Pharmacy side, and separate dashboards for Administrators, Patients, Physicians, CCRs, Representatives, Distributors, Pharmacies and Pharmacists.